• Community Resources
    There are resources in the community that provide assistance to developmentally disabled children and adults, as well as, their families. These resources include parent support groups such as the First Coast Autistic Society and BASCA (Baptist Association for Special Children and Adults). Other resources include Child Care Resource and Referral, Center for Autism & Related Disabilities (CARD), Agency for Persons With Disabilities, Children’s Medical Services and Compassionate Pals Respite Care. The Agency for Persons with Disabilities is the primary source of services for a developmentally disabled child or adult. These services include adaptive equipment for the home, training programs after graduation from school, supplies (such as disposable diapers), respite care, residential services, as well as, other services that make it possible for a family member with a developmental disability to remain in their own home. In addition there are community resource directories such as Special Places for Special Kids, Family Care Council Directory and First Call Directory of Human Resources. These directories provide resource information about assistance with clothing, food, housing, emergency assistance and other family needs in addition to specific resources for developmentally disabled individuals. Contact Mt. Herman’s School Counselor (630-6740) for more information about community resources.