• Prescription and OTC Medications
    The nurses will administer prescription and over-the-counter medications. A consent form must be completed and signed by the parent guardian for all medications to be administered. No verbal requests will be accepted for your child to receive medication at school. A written request must accompany the medication. Over-the-counter medications (i.e., Motrin, Tylenol, cold/cough medications) may be sent to school to keep on hand for your child. However, if your child has a temperature above 100 degrees, you will be contacted and expected to come to school to get your child. Prescription medication must be properly contained and have the pharmacy label affixed which indicates name of child, name of medicine, dosage, how the medicine is to be administered, name of prescribing doctor and date prescription filled. When the container of medication is empty, it will be sent home to be refilled and returned to school. If the amount or frequency of the dosage changes, please send a note from you or a copy of the doctor’s orders; the changed dosage can be administered temporarily until the new order from the doctor is received.

    Parent must bring the medication to the school.  No medication will be transported on the buses.