Crown Point Car Riders Procedures for the Driver

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  • 1. Have official sign on dashboard and correctly oriented to let the "caller" read the name of your child or children.
    2. As cars enter the parking lot set up two adjacent lanes to alleviate traffic from Crown Point Road. As cars get toward the end of the first parking lot lane (see top diagram) merge into one single lane. The "caller" will be positioned at the point where the two lanes merge.
    3. Pay attention to the number the "caller" will indicate to you with his/her fingers. That number denotes the position you should park in when you arrive to the loading area. Please make sure that you park in your designated position regardless of the location of your child (see bottom diagram).
    If for any reason it takes a while to locate your child (he/she may still be inside because he/she didn't hear his/her name), please wait at your assigned parking spot until your child arrives; do not move from your position unless directed to do so. 
    See the drawing of the loading area. The red numbers indicate where the children wait for each number, the cars indicate where each car should park. 
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