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  • Physical Education

    Physical education is an essential component of the educational experience for elementary aged children.  Taught by a certified physical education teacher, PE provides children with opportunities to engage in purposeful, rigorous physical activity that helps them develop knowledge and skills regarding physical fitness, motor skills, health and nutrition and how they relate to healthy lifestyles and personal well-being.  Physical Education is driven by Next Generation Sunshine State Standards with specific content objectives that are assessed and modified regularly.  


    Teacher Directed Physical Education

    Structured physical activities led by classroom teachers intended to support the satisfaction of the state mandated physical activity minutes.  Through collaboration with the physical education teacher, TDPE should align with the skills and concepts taught during physical education.



     Unstructured physical activity that is an opportunity for children to practice life skills such as conflict resolution, cooperation, respect for rules, taking turns, sharing, using language to communicate, and problem solving in real life situations. Unstructured physical activity can be held indoors or outdoors as long as students are engaged in moderate physical activity.

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