Our school counselor is Mrs. Arianne Smith-Godburn

    Contact Information:

    Phone: (904) 381-7485 ext. 99921

    Email: smitha34@duvalschools.org 


    District Guidance Services


    Services Offered:

    Classroom Guidance Lessons- Every child in the school will participate in lessons with their class that focus on increasing positive social, emotional and behavioral skills.

    Individual Counseling-  Student may receiving one-on-one for weekly/bi-weekly counseling sessions.  Students can be referred by their caregivers and/or teachers on an as-needed basis.

    Group Counseling– small group counseling groups on various subjects will be offered throughout the year.  These groups will consist of 6-8 students that will meet weekly for  approximately 8 weeks. Topics for groups may include student success skills, bullying, anger-management, anxiety, divorce, grief, self-esteem, etc.

    Blessings in a Backpack– This program provides food to families in need every Friday. If your family could benefit from this service, please contact me.

    Consultation– If you have concerns or questions about your student, please call us to make an appointment.  I am happy to discuss your child’s educational, social and emotional needs with you.

    Referrals to Social Services– Does your family have a specific need? I can help direct you to resources in our community that can meet that need.  This include referrals for individual and family therapy, housing assistance, clothing/food banks, support

    Crisis Intervention– I am available to assist your student if a crisis arises during the school day.  I hope to decrease the need for administrative discipline by providing early intervention. The counseling office is a “safe space” for children to calm down so they can return to the learning environment. 

    Exceptional Education – I can assist you in obtaining  an evaluation for your student if you believe they could benefit from further intervention.

    Gifted screening/testing- I provide screening and testing services for students who may qualify for the gifted program.