• The Visual Arts Department at Fort Caroline offers studio classes that provide experience in Drawing, Painting, Photography, and Sculpture. The recommended course of study is designed to encourage development of expertise in at least one of these areas and breadth of experience through exposure to all. Emphasis is placed on the students’ understanding of the art disciplines–aesthetics, criticism, art production, and art history.

    Traditional techniques are taught; innovative approaches to the use of media are supported. The development of skills is complemented by the study of historically significant masterworks in art history courses. The production of art is combined with the study of aesthetic principles. Critical thinking skills are incorporated into studio art activities. With each year’s study, students are expected to respond to studio art activities with increasing sophistication. Students are encouraged to develop personal goals and standards and to be able to discuss effectively the intent of their works.

    Opportunities to attend a variety of programs and portfolio development and reviews are made available for our students as they prepare for the audition process at Douglas Anderson School of the Arts or any other Visual Art Program. While not all Visual Art majors intend to pursue a career in art, it is expected that students will have assembled a body of works adequate to present for acceptance to art schools.