• ATOSS Program
    Alternative to Truancy and Out-of-School Suspension Program (ATOSS)

    The Duval County Public Schools’ Alternative to Out-of-School Suspension (ATOSS) Program is a voluntary program for students who have been suspended from school as a consequence of inappropriate behavior.  The program will provide behavioral and academic help for a period of three (3) to ten (10) days to enable students to continue the learning process (both academic and behavioral) in a safe, structured, and supervised environment.

    Alternative Truancy and Out-of-School Suspension (ATOSS) Sites
    Parents may choose to enroll their child in the ATOSS program at the following locations:



    Peterson Academies of Technology
    7450 Wilson Blvd. 

    Southside Middle School

    2948 Knights Lane E.

    St. Paul Missionary Baptist Church

    3738 Winton Dr.


    Program Services: Students are provided an opportunity to continue work assignments through the use of Compass Odyssey.  Students will also receive services designed to identify their individual strengths or weaknesses and connect the student and/or their family to resources in the school and community.

    Program Capacity: 25 Students per site

    Program Eligibility:

    To be eligible for participation in this program, the student must:
    • be in grades 6 - 12 (middle and high school);
    • be suspended for a minimum of three (3) days in which an  alternative school placement is not recommended;
    • have committed a Class II or Class III offense, which normally would result in out of school suspension; and
    • have parental consent for enrollment and parental participation in orientation activity
    Students who successfully complete the program will be counted in full attendance for their time in the alternative to out-of-school suspension program. enter.

    Staff per site:
    • 1 Certificated Staff (Teacher)
    • 1 Social Worker
    • 1 Truancy Officer
    [Additional truancy services provided at DCPS sites]

    The sites will share the services of one (1) Exceptional Education & Student Services teacher and one (1) English Speaker of Other Languages Teacher

    Transportation:  Parent/guardian will be responsible for transportation to and from the center.  Parents can select the location, as they are required to transport their student to the site.

    Lunch:  Student is responsible for bringing a bag lunch.

    For more information call the Alternative Education and Behavioral Support Department at 904-390-2307.