• Welcome to the webpage of the Edward H. White NJROTC Commanders Battalion! Here you can find all the information needed on our cadet staff, our instructors, our program, and how things are run.
    About Us
    We are the Edward H. White NJROTC Commanders Battalion, a proud unit with great achievements. Ed white NJROTC was one of the first NJROTC programs in Duval County, FL., and the unit from which our Area 12 Commander graduated. We take great pride in our unit. We strive to fulfill the Navy Core Values of Honor, Courage, and Commitment, and hope to continue doing so.
    Edward H. White Military Academy of Leadership, NJROTC is an organization which is run by students.  It is the running of the unit itself, which prepares the students to go forward and be successful in the military and other professions.  The instructors consist of retired Navy, Marine Corps and/or Coast Guard personnel who are responsible for the Administrative and instructional areas.  The Cadet staff are responsible for the day-to-day operations of the unit.
    Award System
    Similar to Rank, Awards are instrumental to the motivational and reward components of the NJROTC program.
    For more information about this course, please visit our JROTC class website.