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A Farm-tastic Field Trip for William M. Raines Students

Thanks to the Wealth Watchers’ Raines STEAM Project, 22 students and their instructors from William M. Raines High School’s Environmental Science and Culinary Arts programs participated in a farm tour that included a digital scavenger hunt, as well as stops at traditional farms and an aquaponics farm. At Abundant Harvest Farms, students experienced a traditional farm complete with various growing techniques and innovative forms of irrigation. They even tasted water from an artisanal well! Meanwhile, at Fresh Ministries, which is an aquaponics farm, the students saw ancient farming techniques applied to modern science.  Lunch was eaten at Urban Farms in Atlantic Beach where the culinary students and Chef Russell cooked up a meal with ingredients from all local farms. The final stop was at Farmacy, which is a community garden in the New Town Success Zone.