• Clinical Residency Mentors (CRMs)


    Cohort 1’s Kylee (left) with her CRM Mr. Baldwin in their mathematics class at Northwestern Middle School, 2014 Clinical Residency Mentors (CRMs) are an integral part of the residency model. CRMs are full-time math or science teachers in Jacksonville’s high-needs, urban schools who are vetted and hand-selected by JTR for their teaching efficacy in the urban setting, content knowledge, and coaching abilities.

    Each year, CRMs welcome one or two Residents into their classrooms where Residents co-teach classes and observe, practice, and receive feedback. CRMs receive compensation from JTR for their services.

    CRM/Resident Pairings

    Cohort 2’s Colleen (left) with their CRM Ms. Bryant at Signing Day, 2016 CRM/Resident pairings are made based on the Resident’s intended certification area: they are matched with a CRM who teaches the same content area. Some CRMs will be paired with two Residents.

    Prior to pairing, all new Residents and CRMs spend 3 days together during JTR’s Summer Institute (end of July) where they learn about each other through a series of team-building exercises and interviews. Residents have the opportunity to provide input on their CRM pairing, though JTR makes the final decision.


    Meet our CRMs

    Ebony Bozeman Ebony Bozeman
    Chemistry, Andrew Jackson High School
    CRM since 2015 (Cohort 2)





    Lorlesha Bryant Lorlesha Bryant
    Mathematics, Andrew Jackson High School
    CRM since 2014 (Cohort 1)






    Shawn Gomez Shawn Gomez
    Mathematics, Matthew Gilbert Middle School
    CRM since 2014 (Cohort 1)






    Allison Williams Allison Williams
    Biology, Andrew Jackson High School
    CRM since 2014 (Cohort 1)