• Our 2016-2017 Teacher of the Year is Ms. Arianne Smith! 

    Ms. Smith  
    Ms. Smith has been the school counselor here at Ruth N. Upson since 2014. She is a skilled and compassionate professional who is loved by both the students and faculty. Ms. Smith is an asset to our team and her leadership around the school helps make Upson a great place for students to learn. Congratulations, Ms. Smith!   

    In her words:

    I have only been in the world of education for three years, but it only took a few weeks to realize I had found my place. Prior to working as a school counselor, I had various experiences in the mental health field. Although I loved the counseling part of my past jobs, something always felt like it was missing. Working at Ruth N. Upson quickly showed me that being a school counselor was the right fit. I love what I do and feel so honored to work alongside such passionate educators each and every day.

    Part of what draws me to my job, is the ability to work collaboratively with teachers, school administrators, parents and community agencies. I could not do this job alone.  I believe all students can learn and be successful; but a student that is troubled (whether due to their home lives or their cognitive abilities) will need extra support. There is no quick fix to solve children’s problems and every case has to be looked at individually.

    Even on the most challenging days, I know I come to work with a purpose and try and view each day as a day where I get to touch someone’s life. It is an amazing experience to watch students grow; not just academically, but socially and emotionally. Each and every person has their own unique story within them. I not only get to listen to these stories but help students/parents/faculty re-write their own endings. I try my best to empower them to solve their own problems with the power of responsibility, courage and self-efficacy, even when those decisions are not the easiest ones.  I am truly honored to be Ruth. N Upson’s Teacher of the Year.