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    What is a Spelling Bee?

    A Spelling Bee is a competition in which contestants are asked to spell a wide range of words.  Typically, these words vary in their degree of difficulty. 

    Why does Central Riverside participate in the yearly Scripps Spelling Bee?

    At Central Riverside, our mission is to foster academic excellence and build student confidence.  The Spelling Bee is about much more than spelling, word origins and correct punctuation.  It’s about inspiring confidence and a love of language that lasts a lifetime.  The very first Spelling was held in 1925.  Here at Central Riverside, we plan to upkeep this deeply-rooted tradition.


    Spelling Bee Coordinator/Pronouncer-Jacqueline Casey

    Judges-Judy Warthen, Shabreene Awkward Blazquez, Shanquilla Robinson



    Congratulations to our finalists and winner! 

    We are proud of everyone for their hard work and dedication!