• Stanton College Preparatory School

    Late AP Exam Testing Policy

    It is the expectation that all Stanton students sit for their regularly scheduled AP exams; however, we do understand that situations may arise where late testing may be needed. Below are the only acceptable reasons why a student may have their AP exams rescheduled to a later testing window.

    Situations that the Testing Coordinator will automatically reschedule AP exams.

    • Conflict with an IB Exam
    • Disabilities accommodations issues
    • Religious/holiday observance
    • Stanton’s graduation ceremony
    • Two AP Exams on the same date at the same time

    If one of your exams falls under these situations, please reach out to Mr. Malone to make him aware of the conflict or to discuss the issue. Additionally, should the school be forced to close on the day of an exam, Mr. Malone will automatically reschedule the affected AP exams.

    Situations that require documentation

    • Academic or Athletic contest/event

    If the event is connected to a Stanton club or sports team, Stanton’s Athletic Director, the team coach, or the club sponsor should contact Mr. Malone listing the student(s) and the exam(s) they will miss due to the contest/event. If the event is connected to an outside organization or event, the student should provide a letter from their coach, sponsor, or organizational president explaining the event and additional documentation to back up the request to reschedule their AP exam(s). Such documentation includes an invitation to the event or an award to the precursor event, e.g., first place certificate from the regional science fair that qualifies the student for the state science fair.

    • Emergency: serious injury, illness, or family tragedy

    If the student is ill or seriously injured, the student or their family should provide Mr. Malone with a doctor’s note on official letterhead indicating the illness as soon as possible. The student must be actively ill, requests stemming from lingering effects of an illness may be denied. For a family tragedy, the student should provide sufficient documentation explaining the situation, e.g., an obituary following the death of a family member.

    • Student court appearance

    Student will need to provide Mr. Malone with either a copy of a subpoena or other documentation indicating the student is needed in court on the specific date and time.

    Situations that require a $40 late-testing fee

    • Extenuating circumstances not listed above.

    Students should contact Mr. Malone explaining the extenuating circumstances that merit late testing. If the school agrees, the student will be required to pay the $40 late-testing fee before a test will be ordered.

    Requests that will be denied

    Examples of request that will be denied include

    • Student fails to adequately plan for an exam.
    • Student oversleeps.
    • Excessive traffic on the day of the exam.
    • Request to make up an IB exam.