• About JTR

     The Challenge

    Jacksonville Teacher Residency (JTR) was created in 2014 to address the high turnover rate of math and science teachers in Jacksonville’s high-needs middle and high schools.

    In 2017, JTR expanded its program to include high-needs elementary schools. 

    We found that teachers who left these schools did so because they did not feel prepared to teach in the unique environment of the urban, high-needs classroom. Indeed, the majority of traditional teacher preparation programs provide broad experiences for their teachers-in-training. But few of them focus on urban education specifically.

    The Solution

    An urban teacher residency program that provides a yearlong teaching apprenticeship alongside a Clinical Residency Mentor (CRM) in an urban high-needs school AND formal urban education curriculum from the University of North Florida (UNF). 

    To do this, Duval County Public Schools (DCPS) and UNF work together in a true partnership that brings an in-depth, evidence-based approach to urban teacher preparation.

    The Results  

    As of now, JTR has prepared 30 new teachers for successful careers in Jacksonville high-needs schools.

    Cohort 1 - 8 residents, Cohort 2 - 8 residents, Cohort 3 - 9 residents


    Cohort 1 - 89%, Cohort 2 - 89%, Cohort 3 - 75%, 96% intend to teach in Duval beyond their 3 year commitment