1.         Practice may begin with the opening of school (first day of classes). 

                Team meetings for physicals, lockers, etc., may be held the last two days of pre-planning.

    2.         All candidates must have at least three days of practice in shorts and helmets.

    3.         Eight (8) minute quarters will be played.

    4.         Games ending in ties will be resolved by using the FHSAA overtime method.   

    5.         Kansas City Tie Breaker – each team received 4 plays from the 10 yard line.  Coin flip determines who has the ball first.  Coin flip winner can choose:  offense, defense, or direction.  If direction is chosen, the other team determines offense or defense.  Upon a touchdown, each team will attempt extra point.  If score is still tied, the team that was on offense first will begin on defense.  This will continue to alternate until a winner is determined.

    6.         Mercy Rule -   28 pts = Running Clock.  If at any point in the 2nd half a team is ahead by 28 or more points a running clock will begin for the remainder of the game.  This rule begins with the beginning of the 2nd half.


    A.    If there is a tie for 1st place in the standings, between two teams then the results of the in-season head-to-head competition shall be used to break that tie.

    B.     If there is a three-way tie for 1st place in the standings, the tied teams will participate in a District Tiebreaker system (See FHSAA District Tiebreaker rules).  The team with the best record will host the shootout and will be given the 1 seed.  The other two teams will be seeded 2 and 3.



    Teams will be seeded based on record for the championships.  #1 vs #4, #2 vs #3.  If teams are tied based on record, then a coin flip will determine the seeding.  This seeding will also be used for the championship game and consolation game in regards to home team and jersey color.  The Home Team will wear dark and the Visitors will wear light.