1.         See the Dates of Athletic Contests Schedule for practice start and game dates.
    2.         Games will be played during February, March, April and May.
    3.         There shall be one (1) girls’ varsity team per school.
    4.         If the home team does not have a school diamond, the coach must make arrangements for a diamond and notify opponents of the site, etc.  If a school uses city or county diamonds, it is responsible for making arrangements.  The arrangements should be complete prior to the December Holiday break.        

    5.         The National Federation rules will apply with the following exceptions:

                   a)      12 inch leather covered, non-restricted softball shall be the official ball. The home team furnishes new game balls.

                   b)      A game consists of seven innings.  Four and one half or five innings if needed, are necessary to constitute a game.  Tied games are to be finished unless called by darkness.  The 15 run rule after three 3 innings or 10 run rule will be in effect after four and one half (4 ½) or five innings.  The inning rule does not apply if the game is called for darkness.  The score stands.  Tied games remain tied regardless of the inning when called by darkness.                    

                   c)       If the game is called because of rain, weather, etc. the score reverts to the last completed inning provided four and one half or five innings if needed, have been played.  If four and one half or five innings if needed, have not been completed the game is rescheduled and played again from the start.

                  d)         Softball coaches may be in coaches’ box without team uniforms.

                  e)         Sliding pads are optional.

                  f)          There is a 2-hour time limit starting with the first pitch.  A new inning will not begin after this time limit. If the game is in the middle of an inning it will be completed.  A game will not end in a tie and a winner must be declared.

                 g)           All pitchers are required to wear protective face mask during practices and in games

                 h)           Extra Inning Rule:

                               a.       8th inning or last inning – When time expires regular rules apply.

                               b.      9th inning or next inning – Last out will be placed at 2nd base with continuation of batting order.

                               c.       10th inning or next inning – Last 2 outs on 2nd & 3rd base in order with continuation of batting order.

                               d.      11th inning on or next inning on – Bases loaded with last 3 outs in order on base with continuation of batting order.



    A.  If there is a tie(s) for 1st place in the standings, then the results of the in-season head-to-head competition shall be used to break that tie. If the tied teams split the in-season head-to-head competition, proceed to B below.

    B.  One game playoff

    C.  The team with the best overall record will host the playoff game.  If the overall record is tied a coin flip will determine the host.



    Teams will be seeded based on record for the championships.  #1 vs #4, #2 vs #3.  If teams are tied based on record, then a coin flip will determine the seeding.  This seeding will also be used for the championship game and consolation game in regards to home team and jersey color.  The Home Team will wear light and the Visitors will wear dark.