1.         See the Dates of Athletic Contests Schedule for practice start and game dates. There will be one girls and one boys’ team per school.

    2.         Competitors:

                a)         Must be in a proper and complete school track uniform, which consists of track shorts and track top.

                b)         Any visible garment worn under the uniform top or bottom must be unadorned and a single color.  Visible garments worn under the top or bottom does not have to be the same color. In relay races each team member shall wear the same color and design of school uniform.  Any visible garments worn under the top or bottom shall be a single color and the same color as those worn by other members of the relay team.  Jewelry shall not be worn by contestants.  A medical alert medal is not considered jewelry and must be taped to the body and the alert must be visible.  Religious medals are not considered jewelry and must be worn under the uniform and taped to the body.  A watch may be worn around the wrist.

               c)         Each athlete is limited to four (4) events, three of which may be running events.      

              d)         If an athlete is in a field event and must leave to go to another event, he/she will have to/or have a teammate or manager, notify the official in charge when he/she will be back.

              e)         An athlete must participate in a minimum of 50% of the regularly scheduled games, matches or meets before he or she can participate in the divisional meet or match.

              f)         There may not be a practice held on the day of a scheduled meet.

              g)         A competitor who participates in more events than allowed by rule shall forfeit all points earned including relay event points.

              h)         If a student is entered into an event by a false name this will be judged as an unsportsmanlike act and result in disqualification of the competitor from the meet.


    3.         Track Events:

                a)    The order of events should be as follows:

                             GIRLS                                                           BOYS

                            120 yd. low hurdles     100 Meter                    120 yd. low hurdles

                            100 yd. dash                 100 Meter                    100 yd. dash

                            Mile Run                     1600 M                          Mile Run

                            440 yd. dash                  400 M                          440 yd. dash

                            440 yd. relay                 400 M                          440 yd. relay

                            880 yd. run                    800 M                          880 yd. run

                            880 yd. relay                  800 M                          880 yd relay

                            220 yd. dash                  200 M                          220 yd. dash

                            Mile Relay                   1600 M                          Mile Relay

                            *Not all tracks are marked in meters hence the yard conversion*

               b)       There will be no final heat.  The places will be by times only.

               c)        The use of tape on a baton is prohibited.

               d)        Tape may be used on the track with the permission of the hosting school.

    4.         Field Events:

                            Each contestant will have three (3) trials in the shot, high jump, and long jump. There will be no finals.

                For Meets – Each trial will be measured

                            High Jump       Girls start at 4’2” boys start at 4’6” or 2’ lower than lowest qualifying height.

                            Shot Put          Everyone uses 8lb Shot Put

                            Long Jump


    5.         Miscellaneous Rules:

                  a)         Teams may participate in any track meet within Jacksonville city limits as long as the meet is held within the start and end dates of the middle school track season.  Both boys and girls teams at the participating school must be afforded the opportunity to participate in the additional track meets.  

                 b)         In four or more team meets – each school may have up to three (3) entries in each event but only one relay team.

                 c)         In three (3) or less team meets – each school may have up to four (4) entries in each event but only one relay team.

                 d)         There are no times of .05 (i.e., a time cannot be 10.05, etc.) for hand timed watches.  Times will be in tenths only.

                 e)         If a time for second through fifth place is less than the first place time, the times will be adjusted, (i.e., if first place is 10.7 and second is 10.5, the second place time will become 10.7).

                 f)         The host school should assign meet officials.

                 g)         Timing will be by places rather than lanes.

                 h)         The referee will decide all questions that arise during the meet and make the final decision.  Any protest must be filed within 10 minutes of the completion of the event being protested.  There must be (4) meet officials at Running and Field Events.  There must be (2) coaches from opposing schools at each exchange zone for running and both have to agree.  If both agree exchange is good.  If both are disqualified no appeals for this particular situation.  An appeals committee should be established for each meet.

                 i)          If a meet is suspended or postponed due to inclement weather it should be rescheduled as soon as possible.

                 j)          Track championships will be decided by the divisional meets at the end of the season.

                k)         Within one week prior to the divisional meet the host school will have a meeting for seeding teams and finalizing rules to be used at the meet.

                l)          The top three finishers in each event from the track divisional meet will advance to the City Championship.

               m)         For dual and tri meet scoring please refer to The National Federation Rule Book.

                n)         Each school will be allowed to submit only 1 team per relay event for the Divisional meet.



    A. If there’s a tie(s) for first, second, or third place at the divisional meet then all the competitors in the top three tied (3) positions will advance to the City Championship.



    The eligibility forms found on PlanetHS are the county’s designated forms to be used as per (B) 1 and 2 under Eligibility on page 8 of this handbook.  Failure to submit eligibility forms by the deadlines; school will incur a $25.00 fine.