1.         Practice is to begin one month prior to the first meet.

    2.         A swimmer may enter a maximum of two (2) individual (including diving) and two (2) relay events.  A school may enter up to four persons in each event in all meets.

                      a)   An athlete must participate in a minimum of 50% of the regularly scheduled games, matches or meets before he or she

                            can participate in the divisional meet or match

                      b)   There may not be a practice held on the day of a scheduled meet.

     3.         General Rules and Procedures:  National Federation Rules shall govern the meet.  The swimming chairperson’s guide shall be used to assist in the organization and administration of the meet. 

    4.         The order of events is as follows:

                            200 Medley

                            100 Medley

                            200 Free Style

                            200 Individual Medley

                            100 Individual Medley

                            50 Free Style

                            25 Free Style

                            Diving (2 required and 2 optional)

                            50 Fly

                            25 Fly

                            100 Free Style

                            50 Back Stroke

                            25 Back Stroke

                            50 Breast Stroke

                            25 Breast Stroke

                            200 Free Relay

                            100 Free Relay


    5.         Within one week prior to the divisional meet the host school will have a meeting for seeding teams and finalizing rules to be used at the meet.

    6.         Swimming divisional championships will be decided by the divisional meet at the end of the season. 

    7.        The top three finishers in each event from the swimming divisional meet will advance to the City Championship. 

    8.           Each school will be allowed to submit only 1 team per relay event for the Divisional meet.


    A. If there’s a tie(s) for first, second, or third place at the divisional meet then all the competitors in the top three tied (3) positions will advance to the City Championship.



    The eligibility forms found on PlanetHS are the county’s designated forms to be used as per (B) 1 and 2 under Eligibility on page 8 of this handbook.  Failure to submit eligibility forms by the deadlines; school will incur a $25.00 fine.