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    Title I Fiscal Resources and Reminders



     This section provides resources and materials to aide bookkeepers and secretaries in monitoring the usage of Title I funds and processes to effectively ensure that Title I funds are distributed according to the RAN Title I philosophy; purchases must be Reasonable, Allowable and Necessary.

    Important Title I Fiscal Reminders for the new School 18-19:

    Main Reminder – Spending of Title I funds cannot occur until the Title I Schoolwide template and the Title I Parent and Family Engagement Plan have been approved.

    • The New Title I Schoolwide fund is 48822: Schoolwide templates have been sent out to principals and are due to the assigned Title I Fiscal Support Technician by August 3, 2018.  There are ONLY three amendment periods, the months of September 2018, November 2018 and January 2019.
    • The New Parent and Family Engagement fund (PFEP) is 48820: PCARDs can be used for Non-Food and food/food related items.  All purchases must align to the Title I Parent and Family Engagement Plan (PFEP).  There are ONLY three amendment periods, the months of September 2018, November 2018 and January 2019. 
    • All Title I funds must be spent (encumbered) by March 29, 2019 with the last delivery as of April 30, 2019.
    • The PCARD can’t be used on Fund 48822, so purchase requisitions (PRs) will have to be done on this fund.  All purchases have to follow Title I Guidelines and align to the Title I Schoolwide Plan & Title I Schoolwide template.
    • When purchasing materials & supplies, according to District policy, first order from the Warehouse/Storeroom (Goods Issue).  The supplies purchased must be instructional and supplemental in nature.  For example, custodial, medicinal, PE supplies are not permitted.  Items ordered must be on the approved Title I Schoolwide template or approved Parent and Family Engagement Plan (PFEP) and must be in accordance to Federal guidelines.  Remember to send a storeroom order form or detailed list of items and quantities to your assigned Title I Fiscal Support Technician for approval before placing the order. If the Goods Issue is not allowable with Title I funds, another funding source will have to be used or the Goods Issue cancelled (storeroom items returned). 
    • Posting of Budget transfers is not allowed with Title I funds 48822 & 48820. If a budget transfer is needed, send an email or the budget transfer form to your assigned Title I Fiscal Support Technician.
    • For non-STEAM field trips, the field trip must be taken before Spring Break (March 11-15).  The field trip must occur on or before Friday, March 82019.  Prior approval is required 4 to 6 weeks prior to the last purchase requisition entry date of February 28, 2019 or field trip date, whichever comes first by submitting the Title I Field Trip Request form and submitting appropriate documentation.  After the field trip has occurred, the original Universal Bus Vouchers (UVs) must be sent to the Title I office; DO NOT send them to the Accounts Payable Department.  Note:  If the schoolwide template is approved by the Regional Superintendent and field trips are mentioned, the Title I Field Trip form and appropriate documents must still be submitted for each field trip to the Title I office to receive approval in order for the field trip to be taken.
    • The Header Note on Purchase Requisitions should reflect the following for both Schoolwide (48822) and PFEP (48820) funding: 
      • Due to the expiration of federal funds, the purchase requisition must be encumbered by March 29, 2019 and all items must be delivered and invoiced by April 30, 2019 or this purchase order will be considered cancelled. 
    • Based on this Header Note, all purchase requisitions (except Technology) should be entered and in good order before the end of February for both Schoolwide (48822) and PFEP (48820) funds.
    • Technology purchase requisitions must be encumbered (be a PO) before Winter Break (which starts 12/24/2018).  If the PR is not encumbered by 12/21/18, the PR will need to be deleted.

    Please contact 904-390-2123 or your designated Fiscal Support Technician for assistance. Thank you for visiting this section of the website.


    Title I Fiscal Deadlines


     2018-19 Deadlines


4-4-19 Workshop

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    Forms for 2019-20; additional forms are forthcoming. 

  •     FUND NUMBERS FOR 19-20 

    • 48849 Title I Parent and Family Engagement ( PFEP)

    • 48850 Title I District 

    • 48851 Title I Schoolwide 

            Effective Date: 7/1/2019