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    Anchored 4 Life


    The Anchored4Life program is the place where connections happen. It is a peer-to-peer club to connect youth while building transition and resiliency skills. The program provides opportunities for peers to enhance social skills, learn leadership skills, build character, improve self-esteem, and integrate into their community. 

     Sponsor: K. Riley   archonk1@duvalschools.org

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    ART: National Art Honor Society (NAHS)

    K. Grandy brodtk@duvalschools.org

    mission/purpose: NAHS purpose is to assist student members to attain their highest potential in all forms of art, and to raise awareness of art education throughout the school and community 

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    ASL Honor Society

    K. Byrd   byrdk2@duvalschools.org

    Purpose;  American Sign Language Honor Society celebrates and honors students who have made an enthusiastic commitment to the study of ASL and Deaf culture.

    Meeting Location: P-6

    1st Thursday of each month after school.


    E. Michaels   michaelse@duvalschools.org

    Purpose: Flying Drones- Support athletics, band and any club who would benefit from aerial video footage.

    Meeting Location: P-3

    Meeting Time: Mondays at 2pm



     R. Salinas


    (904) 455-2281

    Fletcher Senators Band Website


    Baseball - JV

    R. Schaeffer



    Baseball - Varsity

    M. Grillo

    B. Bernstein  (904) 455-2273


    Basketball - Boys' JV

     B. Gilbert




    Basketball - Boys' Varsity

    B. Gilbert




    Basketball - Girls' JV

    B. Gilbert



    Basketball - Girls' Varsity

    Reese  (904)455-2236


    Beaches Go Green

    M. Mcbride   mcbridem1@duvalschools.org 

    Purpose – Environmental Education


    Best Buddies

    T. Foppiano  foppianot@duvalschools.ord

    T, Devaney   devaneyt@duvalschools.org

    Purpose:  Best Buddies is a non-profit organization dedicated to making friendships with people who have intellectual and developmental disabilities.  Our club serves and volunteers to help with the development of leadership and inclusiveness for the IDD (Intellectual and Developmental Disorders).


    Bible Club

    K. Ebersberger ebersbergerk@duvalschools.org

    Purpose: Help students grow in their faith and knowledge of the Bible.

    Meets: Thursday 2-3 PM Room #147


    S. Daniels  danielss2@duvalschools.org    

    D. Mcnaire-Pinkney  mcnair-pid@duvalschools.org 

    Meets: Every other Wednesday beginning January 11 @ 2pm in room 135. Excluding Early Release Days.  

    Purpose: The purpose of Fletcher's Black Student Union is to create and promote activities of common interest that will provide cultural and educational benefits for all students.  


    Beach Volleyball (Girls)

    T. Bell bellt3@duvalschools.org 

    Meetings are Fridays 2:30-3:45pm at Jarboe Park

    The duration of the club is: Now until Winter Break.


    Beaches Book Club

    P. Bernstein   sarvisp@duvalschools.org

    Meetings take place once or twice a month at 2:15 in room 104.

    Purpose: Aims to connect students with classic and contemporary books to grow a love of reading.   

    Meeting Location: 104

    Meeting Time: Once a month after school


    Bowling Club



    (904) 455-2228

    T. Laubach


    (904) 455-2260


    Brain Brawl

    J. Allen  Varsity Coach


    Varsity meet from 2:00-3:00 on Wednesdays and Fridays in room 176

    M. Poole JV Coach


     Purpose:  To play other high schools in academic competition.  

    JV Meet Fridays 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM Room 122




    Calligraphy Club

    T. Blandon    Blandont@duvalschools.org

    Purpose: Penmanship, community, artistic, development, donations to Heart foundation fundraising.

    Meeting Location: P9

    Cards For the Community  
    The club's Instagram is @fhscftc. 
    Purpose: A program where volunteers make handmade cards for local organizations around the Jax community. The club will meet after school from 2:05-3:00 twice a month.

    Career and College Readiness Club
    J. Powell @ powellj2@duvalschool.org
    Purpose: The purpose of the Career and College Readiness Club is to help guide students to become more successful throughout their academic careers.
    Meeting Location: Media Center
    Meeting Time: First Thursday of each month, after school.

    Cheerleaders—Junior Varsity 

     B. Weaver  904.455.2273


     G. Weaver



    Chess Club

    N. Shellhorn


    Purpose: To challenge your mind and cognitive processing skills and meet new people to have a fun time.

    Club meeting location: Room 112

    Meeting time: Mondays 2:00



    E. Crumrine


    (904) 455-2227

    More Information    


    Cross Country-Boys

    J. Bishop


    (904) 455.2284

    Cross Country-Girls

    W. Ware


    (904) 455-2299

    CO2 Consequences

    D. Ouellette


    Purpose: The goal of Co2nsequences is to unite the student body under a common cause of combatting climate change for the betterment of campus and the local.

    Meeting Location: 113

    Meeting Times: Second Wednesday of each month, 2pm or 2:30pm.    



    Dance Ensemble

    T. Pound


    Purpose: Dancers who would like to earn community service hours assisting Mrs. Kidder More Information


    T. Ming


    (904) 455-2269

    T. Fallon


    (904) 455-2231


    FCA (Fellowship of Christian Athletes)

    PURPOSE:  A community working to see the world transformed by Jesus Christ through the influence of coaches and athletes.
    WHEN/WHERE:  Room 151 during both lunches, every other week on last A- day of the week, occasionally after school.
    DUES:  N/A
    SPONSOR CONTACT INFO:  Mrs. Romyanond, Room 151, extension 011065

    Flag Football - JV

    B. Gilbert


    (904) 455-2236

    Flag Football - Varsity

    B. Gilbert




    Fletcher Marine Coastal

    D. Quellette   quelletteD@duvalschools.org

    Purpose:  The Fletcher Marine Coastal Club works to educate the student body about the coastal ecosystem of the Beaches. Through conservation and outreach, students are immersed in the importance of protecting our barrier island.


    Fletcher Thrift Club

    C. VanLue vanlue@duvalschools.org

    Purpose: Purpose of the club is to inform our community about the benefits of thrifting and how BEAM is a good community non-profit that helps the community.

    Meetings: Room 119, @ 2:00


    Florida's Civics and Debate Initative Club

    S. Daniels and N. Shelhorn


    Purpose: The Florida Civics and Debate Initiative seeks to expand and enhance civics knowledge, reinvigorate public debate, and civil discourse in Florida schools. 

    Meet on Thursdays at 2pm in room 136.


    Football - JV

    M. Gannon


    (904) 455-2236

    Football - Varsity

    C. Fason


    (904) 455-2236


    French Honor Society

    M. Woodard


    (904) 455-2249

    Purpose:  The National French Honor Society (LA SOCIETE HONORAIRE DE FRANCAIS) aims  to stimulate interest in the study of French, to promote high standards of scholarship, to reward scholastic achievements, to create enthusiasm for and an understanding of francophone culture, and to promote and perpetuate international friendship. 

    More Information    


    Future Business Leaders of America, Inc. (FBLA) 

    Ms. Mcnair-Pinkey  mcnair-pid@duvalSchools.org

    Purpose: FBLA inspires and prepares students to become community-minded business leaders in a global society through relevant career preparation and leadership experiences. 

    Meet: 3rd Thursday a month; Dues: $20; t-shirt $11


    Future Female Leaders

    A. Shepard    reddinga@duvalschools.org

    Purpose: To expose the female population and give them more opportunity to find their field, and to pursue their dreams and aspirations.

    meeting time- 2:10-3:10 on last Friday of every month



    Garden Club

    T. Polhemus



    Purpose: -We volunteer in other public gardens.

    -We plan to create and maintain an aboveground garden in our atrium.

    -We learn about gardening and promote gardening.

    Meet: 2n Wednesday Monthly 2:05 PM Room 184


    Golf - Boys

    D. Bennett


    (904)247-5905 Ext. 011076

    Informational meeting Boys/Girls, Monday Aug.14th Room 178 2:05 PM

    Boys tryouts Tue Aug 15th 3:30 PM at Atlantic Beach Country Club.

    Golf - Girls

    T. Mckenzie


    (904)247-5905 Ext. 011060




    T. Reed 


    Purpose:  It's about our health and strength. It's about wholeness and wellness. It's about our relationships with ourselves and others. The GROW Club educates teens about mental wellness. The focus is on positive relationships, including how teens feel about themselves. The club also focuses on maintaining a positive climate within the school. 


    S. Daniels  danielss2@duvalschools.org  

    Meets: Last Friday of every month at 2pm in room 135.  

    Purpose:The Fletcher GSA Club aims to create an alliance of students, whatever their sexual or gender identity may be, to increase awareness, decrease prejudices and create a safe environment for all students. Any student is welcome to participate in our after-school activities and events.  






    S. Simson


    (904) 455-2287

    S. Daniels 


    (904) 455-2228

    H. Kopp


    (904) 455-2259

    Purpose:  Interact is a service organization whose motto is “Service Above Self.”  We provide volunteer opportunities to students that support the community beach. 

    More Information  



    P. Berstein  sarvisp@duvalschools.org

    Purpose: JaxThrive at Fletcher is to provide opportunities for Fletcher students to get involved in helping young refugee students learn more about life in America and help them settle into and adapt to our community.

    Location: Room 104

    Jewish Student Union

    S.Daniels    danielss2@duvalschools.org

    Purpose: To get more Jewish teens in school to be more involved and educated about Judaism.

    Location: Room 135

    Meeting time: Once a month on Fridays



    P. Berstein  sarvisp@duvalschools.org  

    Location: Room 104  

    Purpose: Dedicated to honoring Kate’s kind spirit and inspiring kids to help kids fighting cancer. The mission of the school-based club is to raise awareness, organize kindness projects, and volunteer to support Kate Amato Foundation programs and events. 

    Key Club

    C. Vanlue   vanluec@duvalschools.org

    Purpose: Community Service. We are dedicated to improving the community through various volunteer activities.

    Meeting Location: Room 119

    Meeting Times: Every Tuesday after school


    Lacrosse 4 Kids Club

    Sponsor: K. Byrd Byrdk2@duvalschools.org

    Purpose: The purpose of the club is to develop character education through the sport of lacrosse

    and to grow the sport at local schools. We want to offer clinics at elementary schools.

    Meet: 2nd Thursday 2-2:15  Room P-6 

    Lacrosse Girls

    K. Tobin


    (904) 455-2236 

    Lacrosse Boys

    D. McAuliffe 


    (904) 455-2236


     Missing Children Project Club (MCP)

    D. Quellette   quelletted@duvalschools.org

    Purpose – This club is an effort to spread the search for missing children across our school and community.

    meeting time- once a month, 2-2;30

    location- room113

    Miss Fletcher 

    K. Salls.   sallsk@duvalschools   T. Wortherly.   wortherlyt@duvalschools.org 

    More Information

    Mock Trial 

    T. Wortherly


    (904) 455-2305

    Purpose: To learn oral advocacy and debate skills, while learning evidence analysis and the American legal system.

     More Information


    Model United Nations

    S. Daniels and N. Shellhorn



    Purpose: To foster awareness and understanding of current global issues. 

    Meet: Room 135 Tuesday 2 pm


    Mu Alpha Theta

    C. Kennedy


    (904) 455-2255

    j. Tracy


    (904) 455-2295

    Purpose: Mu Alpha Theta is "an organization dedicated to promoting scholarships in mathematics and establishing math as an integral part of high school and junior college education."  

    Information and applications for MU ALPHA THETA


    National English Honor Society

    N. Gilbert   gilbertn@duvalschools.org

    Purpose:  Academic recognition; networking with others who share an enthusiasm for the language arts; service to peers, school, and community.


    National Honor Society

    S. Kemmer   Kemmerers@duvalschools.org

    C. Andrews   andrewsc@duvalschools.org

    Purpose: To promote scholarship, leadership, service, and character.

    Meeting Location: Media Center

    Meeting Times: First Tuesday and Third Thursday of the month.


    Paws For a Cause

    D. Schott    SchottD@duvalschools.org

    Purpose: Raise awareness and volunteer opportunities for students in our community for animals.

    Meetings: Room 236


    Duncan U. Fletcher Pickleball Club.

    T. Foppiano  foppianot@duvalschools.org  



    Section 1. To promote the sport of pickleball in a safe environment and in a sportsmanlike manner; provide the opportunity for all members to learn and improve their play and encourage social pickleball throughout the community.

    Meetings will be held the last Wednesday of every month on early release days at 12:20pm and practices will be held from 2:45pm – 4:00pm every Wednesday in room 182.


    A. Scott

    (904) 247-5305



     Science National Hornor Society

    S. Van Pelt


    (904) 455-2297

    Purpose:  Our mission is to encourage leadership and support student's academic achievements in science.  

    Senior Class

     K. Salls: sallsk@duvalschools.org (904) 455-2282

    R. Banks: banksr@duvalschools.org (904) 455-2213

    T. Wortherly wortherlyt@duvalschools.org (904) 455-2305


    SGA (Student Government)

    P. Bernstein: sarvisp@duvalschools.org

    Purpose: Student Government, leadership skills, Develop positive peer relationships, various future college opportunities

    Meeting location:  Room 104


    Sisters at Fletcher High School 

    D. Mcnair- Pinkey   mcnair-pid@duvalschools.org

    Meetings are the first and third thursdays of each month in room 157.


    • Educate and inspire young women to be successful by addressing issues that challenge and influence their lives. 
    • Minimize ever-increasing statistics as it relates to bullying
    • Prevent dropouts by increasing education, mentoring, positive choices, and guided decision-making. 



    R. Holstein


    (904) 455-2236


    B. Plummer


    (904) 455-2273


    Softball-Fast Pitch-Girls Varsity

    V. Shepherd

    J. Rolison


    (904) 455-2279

     Softball-Fast Pitch-Girls JV

    J. Rolison


    (904) 455-2279


    Softball-Slow Pitch-Girls

    D. Bennett


    (904) 455-2215

    More Information/Schedule


    Spanish Honor Society

    G. Jones 


    Purpose: To promote the study of Spanish language and culture in our communities.

    Meet: P-02 Every other Wednesday



    B. Anderson


    (904) 455-2236


    B. Paugh


    (904) 455-2239

    Surfrider Foundation 

    B. Plummer     PlummerB@duvalschools.org

    Purpose of the Club: Dedicated to the protection and enjoyment of the world's ocean, waves, and beaches, for all people through a powerful activist network.

    Meet Location: P-15  

    Meet Time: Every 3rd Thursday 2:15- 3:15

    Speak Up Club

    S. Daniels     danielss2@duvalschools.org

    Purpose of the Club: You will commit to being an ambassador of kindness each day, so they may lead an example and support ending the stigma associated with mental health.

    Location: Room 135

    Meet Time: 2pm Mondays


    D. Bennett


    (904) 455-2215


    T. Mckenzie


    (904) 455-2264 



    The 5000 Role Models of Excellence Project

    T. Wortherly.   wortherlyt@duvalschools.org 
    The 5000 Role Models of Excellence Project is a mentoring program. It teaches young men about healthy living, responsibility, respect, and how to attain future goals. Young men will have opportunities to connect with successful adult mentors who will share experiences and offer guidance and educational support. Select role model students will participate in various cultural and educational experiences while serving as youth ambassadors.


    R. Hester


    (904) 455-2244


    W. Ware


    (904) 455-2299


    Volleyball-Junior Varsity

    B. Wooten


    (904) 455-2304


    M. McGiveron


    (904) 455-2236


    Weight Training (Girls)

    R. Hester


    (904) 455-2244



    J. Stetzer


    (904) 247-2905



    S. Murrell


    (904) 455-2271

    M. Huff


    Purpose:  Yearbook Club/Class is a student-focused publication club/class where students work together to collaboratively build the Senator yearbook each year. Yearbook Club/Class meets during 3rd period and after school to work on the yearbook, plan page designs using eDesign, write captions and headings for pages by interviewing students, learn how to take and arrange the pictures taken by the school photographers, and sale business ads to our community. 

    Ordering Yearbooks


    Yoga Club

    J. King Kingj2@duvalschools.org

    Purpose: provide students of Fletcher with a safe space to better their mental health through the practice of yoga.

    Meeting location: Room A10 

    Meeting time: once a month


    Young Life

    A. Magill   abbymagill.yl@gmail.com

    Purpose: Young life is all about supporting kids right where they're at. Our leaders intentionally build positive relationships with adolescents to create space for belonging. Our hope is to connect with kids experiencing loneliness, pressure and times of anxiety or depression, to introduce joy, hope and real connection.

    Meeting Times: Tuesday Nights at 7:27pm