Students who are identified and staffed gifted receive their gifted education services in a Gifted and Academically Talented Education (GATE) classroom. This program provides an environment for gifted students to go beyond what is traditionally offered in the regular classroom, delve deeper into content area standards and apply their knowledge through project-based learning.


    Students in the GATE program will be exposed to differentiated learning experiences with rigorous extension opportunities and enrichment activities to meet their specific gifted learning needs. Our GATE classes use curriculum that is aligned to the Florida State content standards and the Florida Frameworks for Gifted Learners. In addition, the newly revised curriculum includes a separate research curriculum, a framework for students to pursue their specific areas of interests, access to technology skill acquisition and lessons on critical thinking skills. Teachers of the GATE classrooms are endorsed in Gifted Education by the State of Florida and are specifically trained in their subject area, as well as in the educational, social and emotional needs of gifted learners.