Important Information

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    Gifted Referrals Request: Written request from parents or teacher are required for screening. A parent/guardian consent to screen must be signed and return to school counselor before screening.

     Students will be screened for the next available screening time. Individual or group administration is completed using the Naglieri Nonverbal Ability Test. Screening results will be sent home along with an explanation of the score.

    • Once the student has successfully passed the screening, another consent for evaluation will be sent to be signed. 
    • Our school psychologist will complete the intelligence evaluation.
    • The Naglieri screening can only be administered (1) time within (6) months; the intelligence evaluation (1) time within a year.
    • When the testing is complete, a report will be provided with an explanation of the results.
    • The testing will typically be completed within 60 school days upon receiving consent. 
    • You may provide a private evaluation