Home Exercises

    We attempt to keep all student-athletes injury free.  However due to the nature of competition, sometimes we fall short and a student gets injured.  If your student-athlete has suffered an injury participating and you are wondering what can be done whiling awaiting a visit to the physician, you will find some basic home exercises and stretches for various injuries.  Click on what part of the body has been injured to find some appropriate exercises.


    Ankle/Foot Sprain

    Shin Splints

    Runner’s/Jumper’s Knee (PF)

    Hamstring Strain

    Groin Strain

    Low Back Pain

    Upper Back Pain

    Between the Shoulder Blades Pain

    Multidirectional Instability Shoulder Exercises

    Neck Strain

    Thrower’s Elbow Pain (Inside Elbow)

    Tennis Elbow Pain (Outside Elbow)


    ***PLEASE NOTE: These exercises are not to replace seeking out medical care.  They are a guide to assist you while you are waiting to see a physician.   A qualified health care provider should demonstrate how to perform the exercises you wish start/have your athlete start.  Not performing these exercises correctly could potentially cause injury/further injury.  Westside High School, its athletic department, staff, faculty or athletic trainers (contracted, assigned, hired, volunteering) are NOT liability for any and all mishaps that occur from performing these exercises.  Seeking medical care is always the best choice. ***


    Picture References:  All pictures were taken from a Google search and are the product of McKesson Health Solutions, LLC.