W-2 Documents and Forms

On the Job (OJI)

Community First Credit Union Direct Deposit / Deduction Requests

  • After signing the above forms, please mail it to:

    Ms. Lazette Gaines
    Payroll Accounting
    Business Services
    2nd Floor District Office Building
    Office Phone Number: 904-390-2084
    Email: GainesL@duvalschools.org
    This form CANNOT BE FAXED.
    Employee signature is needed on hard copy.
    Send your CANCELLATION via school mail.
    DTU Members:
    Per DTU Membership Agreement, you cannot use this form.  
    You are required to file your cancellation with the DTU Office.
    DTU will then forward your completed request to Payroll Accounting.

ESS Sub LWOP - HR Reversal Form