Web Accessibility

  • Accessibility Contact:

    If you discover a possible compliance issue, please report your concern to:
    Tameiko A. Grant, JD, PhD.
    Executive Director
    Office of Equity and Inclusion/Professional Standards
    Duval County Public Schools
    1701 Prudential Drive
    Jacksonville, FL 32207 

    For TDD/TTY Communication Assistance

    Dial 711 - use the Florida Telecommunications Relay, and then follow the Operator's questions. For more information and instructions, please visit the following web link: http://www.ftri.org/index.cfm/go/public.view/page/19

    Webmaster Contact:

    For other DCPS website related questions, please contact:
    José A. Acevedo, Web Supervisor
    Duval County Public Schools
    1701 Prudential Drive
    Jacksonville, FL 32207 
    Tabitha Collins, Director of Marketing
    Duval County Public Schools
    1701 Prudential Drive
    Jacksonville, FL 32207 
    For technology, password, email, or software-related questions (for employees, parents/guardians, and students), please contact Technology Services.

    Web Accessibility Compliance

    Duval County Public School (DCPS) designed its district and school web sites to be accessible to a variety of users with differing needs. Visual, auditory, physical, speech, cognitive and neurological disabilities can all affect access to the web. Web accessibility compliance ensures access to the web for everyone, regardless of disability. As such, DCPS uses the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0 created by the Web Accessibility Initiative (WAI), American with Disabilities Act (ADA), and Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act to make our web content and navigation more accessible to people with disabilities.

    The DCPS Web platform approaches accessibility in the following ways:

    Template-based pages and apps provide consistent interactions and user experience across pages

    Allows clients to configure their templates while still remaining within the color contrast ratio

    Provides full support for keyboard navigation

    Text can be resized 200 percent without loss of content or functionality

    Contains page titles with the name of the workspace within which the user is working

    Maintaining accessibility compliance is an ongoing, daily concern that requires continuous monitoring and content audits. We welcome comments, suggestions for improvement, and/or issues related to accessibility compliance.

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