• Cinematic Arts Audition Requirements


    Cinematic Arts students film "Stranger Danger" Before the Audition:

    Personal Statement
    Your Personal Statement is a 300-500 word essay (about one page/one side) describing who you are as an individual and why you want to be a filmmaker. This statement should concentrate on your storytelling and filmmaking experience, as well as your desire and commitment to enter the Douglas Anderson Cinematic Arts Department. Use this statement as an opportunity to express your unique voice and personality in addition to your passion for filmmaking.
    Writing Sample
    The Writing Sample is a two-page, non-dialogue scene typed in 12-point Courier in standard screenplay format and includes a title/cover page. Imagine your story as a silent film and write in screenplay format what an audience would see from beginning to end. Choose one of the following three prompts for the basis of your scene:

    • Someone must cook a meal for their future boss, but there is nothing in the fridge.

    • When a young girl finds a cat, she tries to sneak it into her house without being seen.

    • A student needs to get to the cafeteria line first in order to get pizza fresh out of the oven.

    For additional screenwriting resources including formatting tips, script writing software and example scripts, visit Studio Binder at https://www.studiobinder.com/blog/how-to-write-a-screenplay/ For information on writing a non-dialogue film visit https://www.raindance.org/writing-screenplays-without-dialogue/

    Creative Portfolio

    In addition, the applicant may submit one or more of the following creative documents, but this is not mandatory and will not impair the student’s audition.  The creative portfolio is work that demonstrates your creative storytelling.  Samples may include visual or written material that demonstrates creativity, imaginative expression of thought, and the potential for visual storytelling. Your portfolio materials must be saved on a USB device and will be left with the Cinematic Arts at the time of the audition.

    Choose one or more of the following options:

    • Film, video, animation, documentary, or experimental work. Submissions must not exceed 10 minutes in length and can consist of reels, short films, class projects, or Youtube videos. You must be part of the original creation of the work. Please be clear about your specific contributions for each project. The work must be submitted as an MP4 on the USB drive.

    • Photographs, drawings, paintings, sculpture, graphic art, costume, or set design that illustrates your creative vision and style. Limited to 10 pieces total. The work must be submitted as photos (of the work) on the USB drive.

    • A sequence of 10-15 images that explores your visual storytelling. These images can be drawings or photographs in the form of a storyboard.

    • Creative writing sample composed of a narrative short story, poem, script, or play. Writing samples should be in standard 12pt. font, single-spaced, and not exceed 3 pages.


    On the Day of the Audition:

    The applicant will sit for an interview with a member of the Cinematic Arts Faculty.  The interview will require the applicant to speak openly and honestly about their interest in the cinema medium.

    The Applicant should be prepared to discuss:

    • Name, grade, and the school currently attending.

    • Describe your vision as an artist. What do you hope to achieve with your art?

    • Discuss the skills that you perceive to be your best qualities in filmmaking.