• Cinematic Arts Audition Requirements


    Cinematic Arts students film "Stranger Danger" Prior to the audition, the applicant must write a 2 page original screenplay that will be produced as a 2-minute narrative film which demonstrates his/her talent and skills in literary and visual storytelling.  The film should be written, shot, and edited solely by the student, and must be delivered at the time of the audition.  The film will be presented as a digital file (mp4) on a flash drive or some other external device, and the screenplay should be printed as well as saved to the same external device. 

    Film/Script Prompt:

    Fish Out of Water.  The main character finds himself/herself in a time, place, or situation that is unfamiliar, out of his/her element, or out of the norm. The story should include an engaging problem for the protagonist caused by being "a fish out of water," and should provide a clever or courageous solution to the problem.  The film should have a very clear beginning, middle, and end. 

    Note: The script should be written in the proper screenplay format, and printed for the audition. Attach a headshot with the screenplay for identification purposes. A free program for generating screenplays may be found here: https://storywriter.amazon.com/

    Additionally, the applicant will be asked to give a 2 to 3-minute presentation using PowerPoint or Prezi platforms. You must save your presentation files, and be prepared to address the content during the audition.

    The presentation during the audition MUST contain the following material:

    1.  Applicant Introduction:

    • Name, grade, and the school currently attending.
    • Describe your vision as an artist. What do you hope to achieve with your art?
    • Discuss the skills that you perceive to be your best qualities in filmmaking.

    2.  Film/Script Introduction:

    • Title of the film.
    • Describe the universal theme you are portraying in your film.
    • Obstacles encountered in the film making process and how they were overcome.

    On the date of the audition you will be required to complete a writing sample.