• Classical Guitar Audition Requirements

    The Great Guitar Gathering

    • Students should play two pieces of music. One piece should be from the classical guitar repertoire. Pieces by Matteo Carcassi, Fernando Sor, Mauro Giuliani, J.S Bach, etc. The other piece is free choice, meaning you can play what you know or play an additional classical guitar piece.

    • Students should know how to play the G and C two octave major scales. These are located on page 41 of the Christopher Parkening Method Book 2.

    • Students should be able to read all notes in first position, meaning the first 4 frets on the guitar neck.

    • Students will sight-read a small excerpt of music.

    • Special considerations will be made for those that can play well and have the drive to practice but may lack some knowledge of the fretboard.