• Technical Theatre Audition Requirements

    The student is required to bring two individual projects that he/she has produced. One of the two items must be based off of a play the student has read. Instructors will be looking for original design ideas and how those ideas were implemented in at least two of the following areas:

    • Scenic Design- If your strength is with 3D spaces, read a short play and create a basic set design for that play.  Bring in a scale model or a color sketch of the set based on the needs of the play and the historic time period in which the play is set.

    • Costume Design-  If your strength is understanding people and how what they wear reflects their personality, read a short play and create a costume design for a few of the characters.  Bring in some color drawings of figures wearing costumes appropriate for the play along with research images based on the needs of the play and the historic time period in which the play is set.

    • Sewing- If you can sew, bring in a garment or a theatrical costume that you have sewn yourself.

    • Carpentry- If you work with wood, bring something you have built that shows measuring, sawing, and construction skills such as a small piece of furniture, a unique bird house, or a unique wood craft project or sculpture.

    • Painting- If you can paint, bring in a painting you have done for art class or better yet, create a new painting of a material such as marble, stone, or wood.

    • Properties-  If you are good at making random objects look like something new and different, bring in a product such as fake food, a magic staff, or record player that you have created using different objects and materials and painted to look like the real thing.

    Successful projects reflect individual effort, skill, and creativity.  Examples of group work or photographs of theatrical productions you have worked on are acceptable as an addition to the two individual works.

    During the personal interview, discussion will revolve around the student’s work, creativity, previous theatre experience, and ability to express and communicate ideas.

    The student will take a short quiz on basic technical theatre terms and shop math.