• Visual Arts Audition Requirements

    Follow the instructions on SlideRoom, all requested materials must be complete before the audition deadline.

    What artwork do I upload on SlideRoom before the audition?

    A portfolio containing 4 pieces of art.

    Use the instructions below.  All work must be done by the student within the last calendar year.

  • Self-Portrait with hat1)  One original self-portrait drawing with hat - In the composition include a head, neck, shoulders, and a background. Work using a mirror, direct observation - not from a photo; completed on your own time (non-class assignment); Can be drawing or painting. No digital, please. 

  • Hand drawing2)  One original drawing or painting of your own hand with a background from direct observation - not from a photo; completed on your own time (non-class assignment); No digital, please. 

  • Plant drawing3)  One original artwork using plants as a subject. Any medium, such as sculpture, painting, photography, digital media, drawing, collage, printmaking, etc. Using any plant(s) for inspiration create a composition that fills the page.

  • 4)  Your favorite artwork done in the past year, whether from an art class or done on your own time. Any medium or style, such as painting, sculpture, design, photography, digital media, collage, printmaking, drawing, ETC.


    What will happen at the Audition.

    1. You will be asked to do a pencil drawing on an 18" x 24" paper from a still life in the audition classroom.

    2. You will be asked to write a one-page critique that will include 3 paragraphs. A reproduction of a masterwork will be presented in the audition classroom for you to critique.
      • Paragraph 1 -Description (list what is in the artwork, art elements, and techniques)
      • Paragraph 2 -Analysis (observe the relationships of what you see, i.e., size, color, value, texture, space, and how these things work together)
      • Paragraph 3 -Interpretation (Using the information in paragraphs 1 and 2, interpret the possible meaning of the artwork. Use words to describe the feelings and sensations you have in relationship to the work of art)