• Vocal Music Audition Requirements

    DA Students perform at Extravaganza! Vocal applicants shall sing one of the following selections:

    All auditions should be performed from memory. The applicant may bring his/her own accompanist, or the school will provide one. Applicants may not sing a cappella. 

    In addition to the audition selection, applicants should be prepared to perform and show skills in the following:

    • A vocalise/warm-up [as directed by the vocal faculty]
    • Tonal Recall [singing back on ‘la’ or ‘doo’ three to six random pitches as played by the vocal faculty]
    • Sight Reading—performing random 8-measure selections of rhythmic and/or melodic examples on either solfege [do-re-mi], numbers [1-2-3], or a neutral syllable [‘la’ or ‘doo’] once key center and tempo have been established. Applicants will have approximately 30 seconds to study prior to performing.