• Student Services / Dean's Office

    DA Skyline At DA, the Dean's office is about a lot more than discipline. If you need to check-in late, you go to the Dean's office.  If you are checking out early, go to the Dean's office. Have medicines you need to take? That's right, the Dean's office. Hoping to get a Parking Permit?  Well, you get it. In fact, the Dean's Office is a pretty busy place, and usually the people who are there aren't in any trouble at all. You might want to think of it as the Office of Student Services, but here at DA, we still call it the Dean's Office.


    Student Services / Dean's Office Staff

    Dominique Standifer
    Dean of Students / Testing Coordinator
    Phone: 346-5620 ext. 1107999961

    Officer A. McGlocking
    School Resource Officer
    Phone: 346-5620 ext. 1107999990

    Lisa Pier
    Dean's Office Clerk
    Phone: 346-5620 ext. 1107999965