• CHAMPS Classroom Management Plan

    One of the induction requirements for New Teacher with Professional and Temporary tracks is a classroom management plan.  A rough draft of this plan is completed during the CHAMPS training.  Click here to access the fillable form.

    Remember to use your hire window checklist (found on your induction track page) to ensure you complete each assignment by the date it is due.  Also, all completed assignment should be uploaded to your Blackboard account.

    If you have any questions, please contact your PDF at your school site or your TDS Specialist assigned to your school. 


  • 2018-2019 Classroom Managment Plan Rubric

    The 2018-19 Classroom Management Plan Rubric is not a grading or evaluating tool. Rather it should be used by teachers to see if their final work product is ready for implementation in the classroom or needs some more revisions. In CHAMPS training, new teachers are given a CHAMPS Classroom Management Plan and are instructed it is a living, breathing document that can continue to change. The rubric should be used to ensure the edits to the original document are purposeful and that the management plan is still something that is ready for use with students. Upon submitting the management plan, the TDS Specialist will review and determine if the plan is Passing or Not Yet. Teachers receiving a Not Yet will be able to resubmit for the next deadline. The management plan must receive a Passing review by Checkpoint D.


    Click to access the Classroom Management Plan Rubric

    CMP Rubric