• PTA Meetings are held on the 1st Wednesday of the month from 5:00 - 6:00 p.m.


    *** PTA Meetings are open to the public.


    What Is the Purpose and Objectives of the Parent Teacher Association?

    In order for the school to function effectively, it is important for both parents, teachers, and community member to collaborate.  The primary purpose of the PTA is to enhance and improve the students learning experience.  The goals and objectives of Henry F. Kite Elementary's Parent Teacher Association are:

    To Serve as a Bridge between Parents and Staff:

    • Facilitate communication between parents, staff and school administration.
    • Welcome new families to HFK through our Back to School Orientation & Social, PTA Meetings, and Family Engagement events.
    • As a PTA Board, provide structure and leadership to our school community.

    Site Improvements:

    • Provide a safe playground with field improvements as necessary.
    • Assist with the upkeep and beautification of our school and campus.
    • Support modern technology in our classrooms.


    • Coordinate and recruit an Executive Board, committee chairpersons, class representatives and volunteers.

    Character Development:

    • Promote students’ sense of responsibility, citizenship, self-care and compassion through special events and traditions.

    Keeping Kids Safe:

    • Support programs that promote healthy choices and the well being of children.

    School Spirit:

    • Promote school spirit and pride through family engagement events and student incentives.

    Coming Together as a Community:

    • Celebrate and enjoy the school community through events such as Back to School Orientation & Social, Open House and Annual Stakeholder Meetings, Fall Festival, College & Career Week, Literacy Week including the Storybook Costume Parade, Spring Carnival, Reading Celebration, and the End of the Year Celebration.
    • Create an emotional investment in our school through events and celebrations.

    Student Enrichment:

    • Enrich the learning environment for all students through programs such as Family Nights, Book Fair, Library donations (books), support of our annual Fall Festival, Spring Carnival, Arts and Clubs Showcase, and other PTA supported programs.

    Support Teachers and Staff:

    • Work collaboratively with school staff.
    • Honor our teachers and staff on Teacher Appreciation Week.

    Keep Fundraising Simple and Effective:

    • Utilize fundraising that is effective and efficient. These include our PTA Membership Drive, and Grants and Donation solicitations.

    Advocate for our Children:

    • Provide parent education through PTA events and other sources.
    • Be advocates at the District Level and beyond.

    Review and Evaluation of PTA Programs:

    • Continually review and evaluate the relevance of our current PTA programs.
    • Create, propose and implement PTA programs that address the evolving need of our changing student population.

    We expect that through the culmination of these PTA Goals and Objectives, Henry F. Kite Elementary will be a school that excels in the academic standards and provides a learning environment that fosters a well-rounded child.