• Mission Statement & Core Beliefs


    Oceanway’s Mission Statement:

    Oceanway Middle School’s mission is to prepare all students for success in rigorous high school courses – and, ultimately, for all students to graduate and proceed to college or technical training.


    Oceanway’s Vision Statement:

    Oceanway Middle School’s vision is to activate through social-emotional programs and a focus on continuous instructional improvement, experiences to elevate our students' literacy, numeracy, and social competencies, and a commitment to build stakeholder value by making Oceanway an A-rated, comprehensive middle school.



    “I know I can.”

    Our motto captures our overall goals and approach to instruction for the 2017-2018school year. This school year is a time for growth, communicating our belief that our students can succeed with support and effort, and taking strategic professional and academic risk.


    Oceanway’s Guidelines for Success:

    Bravery * Unity * Commitment * Scholarship