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    Three of our schools have received consecutive grades below a “C”. They are:

    • Lake Forest Elementary
    • Northwestern Middle School
    • Matthew Gilbert Middle School

    Under state law, these schools must earn a “C” grade or higher for the 2017-2018 school year. If the schools do not earn a grade "C" or higher, DCPS must choose one of three options for takeover.

    After careful consideration of the options provided by the state, and input from principals, staff, stakeholders and the community, DCPS is recommending the selection of Option 3 - External Operator - for the three schools, if they do not make "C" grades.

    The documents below explain the options, what DCPS is doing to make sure these schools succeed, and the Turnaround Option Plans (TOP) Phase 1 submitted to the Florida Department of Education on November 15, 2017.

    TOP 2 Plans for Ramona Elementary School and Arlington Middle School were also submitted to the FLDOE on November 15, 2017.