• 2019-2020 Growth Mindset Activity

    What is a Growth Mindset?

    In this activity, you will spend some time understanding Dr. Carol Dweck’s theory about Growth Mindset.  It has been implemented by prominent learning organizations and companies in recent years.  Although it’s become a buzz word, we should take time to understand what it is and what it has also become and how we can use this to enhance our foundational teaching skills.

    The activity below is a requirement of Teacher Development & Support induction and should be completed by the date listed on your hire window checklist (found on your induction track page). The activity is two parts; with the first part building your understanding of Dr. Dweck’s work and the second part implementing what you’ve learned into your own classroom.  You should read through the entire assignment first, then make an action plan for yourself including when you will execute your lesson with your students, and ensure you have all parts of the assignment completed before the deadline.  

     Click to access the Growth Mindset Activity and Reflection Guide/Lesson Plan Template.