CS Students Built an App for That

  • For several high school students crowded in MOSH, Wednesday was all about learning to build an application from the ground up.
    The hackathon - hosted by DCPS - served as a creative outlet for students to build apps, learn social entrepreneurship, and gain self-confidence. 
    Students came up with their own concept for an emergency app, then brainstorm all the features they wanted their app to include. With an online app development platform from Mad-Learn, the students then built their apps - in just two hours!
    Each app has been assigned a code and can be previewed at: Mad-Learn App Store
    Team AIPS:  695-650-465
    Team ET2:  782-108-563
    The Meme Team:  943-235-724
    Team ARA:  462-603-312
    Team AJ-Tigers:  164-646-161 
    Team Sagittarians:  998-105-424
    Team Graphic Tracker:  966-648-350 
    Team Ya Like Jazz:  350-172-551
    Team JAX Emergency App:  642-859-564
    Team Fletcher rocked the house with ARA (Kara Harris, Cameron McCoy, Donald Walker) and Sagittaarius (Gustavo Martins, Sean Nagel) taking home first-place and second-place prizes.  Team Jackson was recognized for top functionality while Team Mandarin received honors in graphics. 
    Creating apps is not just a project—it’s project-based learning at its best.  It meets curriculum standards for students. And the students learn individual skills—some are graphic designers, some are writers, and others are project leaders - and most importantly, they work together as a team.
    Students use apps every day, and to actually know how to create an app gives them an edge in planning for their future.
    This event was possible thanks to the involvement of our sponsors, contributors and media partners.
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