• Find a Grant

    There are thousands of grants that are available from various sources. The most difficult task is finding the time to match the right grant with your funding needs. The following grant resources can help you find funding quickly. If you have a specialized project or need research support, contact the Grants Office for more assistance.

    Do you know of a grant opportunity or a search site that is useful to you but is not listed here?

    Send it to the Grants Office and we will post it for other departments and schools to use.

Money Tree
  • Grant listing

    Find a listing of grants that are available to schools throughout the year.

    Click here to see grants listings by topic/subject.

    ***NEW SharePoint site: Check out the resources at the Grants for Schools SharePoint Site here. This growing inventory of resources is only available to Duval County School District staff and includes an additional comprehensive grant search from Monthly Education Grants Alerts (MEGA). Contact the Grants Office if you have trouble signing on.