• GK Essay Skills Section 

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    The Essay Portion of the GK Exam tests the skill with which an individual expresses their views, logic of arguments, and the degree to which the test taker supports their position. This section of the resource page prepares test takers regarding the content on which the essay will be scored: substance and on the composition skills demonstrated, including the following elements: ideas, focus, organization, style (diction and sentence structure), and mechanics (capitalization, punctuation, spelling, and usage). 

    Click the links below to learn more about each essay skill. 



           1.  Determine the purpose of writing to task and audience.

                    Video 1             Video 2

           2.  Provide a section that effectively introduces the topic.

                    Video 1             Video 2           Video 3

           3.  Formulate a relevant thesis or claim.

                    Video 1             Video 2

           4.  Organize ideas and details effectively.

                    Video 1             Video 2

           5.  Provide adequate, relevant support by citing ample textual evidence; response may also include anecdotal experience for added support.


           6.  Use of a variety of transitional devices effectively throughout and within a written text.

           7.  Demonstrate proficient use of college-level, standard written English (e.g., varied word choice, syntax, language conventions, semantics).

           8.  Provide a concluding statement or section that follows from, or supports, the argument or information presented.

           9.  Use a variety of sentence patterns effectively.

                  Video 1                Video 2

          10.  Maintain consistent point of view.

                   Video 1               Video 2

          11.  Apply the conventions of standard English (e.g., avoid inappropriate use of slang, jargon, clichés).


     Click here to be taken to twp practice prompts. Once you write your prompts, take them to an English Instructor at your school for tips.