Mission Statement:

    Require academic excellence, promotes leadership, uphold character building and strive for the better making of young men in the community.



    To stimulate and motivate young men for their greatest purpose in the principles of dignity, valor, freedom and mankind.






    Everyday Appearance:

    Ironed clothing

    Shirt tucked in at all times

    Shoes tied

    Pants pulled up on the waistline

    Belt worn at all times


    Professional Wednesday:

    Dress shirt

    Dress pants

    Tie or bow tie

    Dress shoes



    Teeth brushed

    Hair combed or brushed








    1. Respect all adults no matter the situation.
    2. Look an adult in the eyes as they speak to you.
    3. Display manners at all times.
    4. Maintain a B average in all classes.
    5. Participate in classroom activities.
    6. Show leadership in the hallway as well as the classroom.
    7. Maintain the proper dress code every day.
    8. Always build another brother up and not tear him down.
    9. No fighting, cursing or any other inappropriate behavior.
    10. ALWAYS RESPECT yourself; have dignity and valor in your everyday LIFE.



    We the GENTs of Carter G. Woodson possess the strength to achieve, power to lead, knowledge to succeed and the willingness to create. I am my brothers' keeper, we push each other to attain the greatest assets of life; dignity, valor, freedom and mankind

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