• Arrival Procedures

    Extended Day begins at 7:00 AM. Students of Service (SOS) arrive at 7:40 AM.

    The building is open to all students at 8:00 AM. Prior to 8:00, only students in Extended Day or SOS are permitted on campus. There is no supervision provided for students who arrive early.


    After 8:30, students are considered tardy.  When a student is tardy, the parent/guardian MUST do the following: 

    • Enter into the main parking area of the school and park their vehicle.
    • Escort the student into the building
    • At the reception desk, sign-in student and show their valid driver’s license or state ID card
    • A tardy slip will be issued to the student for admittance to class


    Students riding the bus or Daycare Vans are not considered tardy when the bus or Daycare van is late.