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  • GEAR UP Project BELIEF: Building Engaged Learners to Increase Expectations for the Future

    BELIEF will focus on early intervention strategies to assist students in becoming academically prepared to meet the standards necessary for middle school promotion, high school graduation, and for success in postsecondary programs.  Students will be encouraged to engage in challenging curriculum, which will include rigorous Math, English, and Science courses.  Students will be advised of accelerated learning opportunities available in Duval County Public Schools, and will receive support while participating in these programs in high school.  Activities will be implemented that are designed to improve the number of students who obtain a high school diploma and complete applications for and enroll in a program of postsecondary education. 

  • BELIEF provides the following services:



    College Tours and Visits

    Faculty Development

    Summer Programs

    Family Empowerment Workshops

    Student Empowerment Workshops and Classroom Lessons

    Scholarships for eligible students