Local Teacher Uses Project Lead the Way to Prepare Next Generation of Engineers

  • For the last few weeks, Mr. Arias's middle school students have been exploring rocket science and designing gadgets to carry this technology.  The lesson is part of an effort to integrate STEM more thoroughly into schools through Project Lead the Way (PLTW). 
    Lake Shore Middle School is the first middle school in Duval County to utilize the Project Lead the Way program, introducing students to science, technology, engineering, and math. 
    Arias makes the content come to life.  He feels hands-on learning is a vital part of the classroom experience and realizes that students take on a much different role as active learners. The curriculum gives students a chance to think differently and work with others.  
    Project-based lessons encourage students to become problem solvers through a 'design thinking' approach that allows them to solve real-world challenges. 
    There is a critical shortage of engineers and engineering technologists entering the profession at a time when technology is reinventing itself every few years.  PLTW - and qualified teachers like Mr. Bergman aim to increase the number of young people who pursue careers in engineering and engineering technology programs.