•  Welcome to the Blue Devils Athletic Training Program homepage!  Here at Stanton College Preparatory, we take pride in the achievements of our student-athletes both off and on the field.  This site is dedicated to offer guidance for all who have questions regarding Athletic Training at Stanton College Preparatory.  Two questions that most often come up are: what is the purpose of an athletic trainer in the secondary school setting and what exactly is an athletic trainer? Here are those answers. 


    Our mission is to utilize best practices to provide the most efficient health care possible.  We strive to take the latest knowledge and understanding in the medical field to deliver comprehensive care in the prevention, evaluation, treatment, and rehabilitation of injuries sustained in the secondary school setting.  Our continuous collaboration with physicians, the athletic department, coaches and parents is to ensure the safest and quickest return to competition for all student athletes. 

    What is a Certified Athletic Trainer?

    Certified Athletic Trainers (AT's) are licensed health care providers who are highly trained in the prevention and recognition of sports-related injuries. We are skilled in keeping kids safely competing whenever possible. We recognize when kids should be sidelined due to an injury and we help athletes and parents navigate the health care system to receive the care that is needed, when injured. We work together with our team physician and coaches to promoting a culture of safety in our school athletic programs. Most importantly, we are trained and ready to respond in the event of a dangerous injury or emergency situation.

    Why are Certified Athletic Trainers needs in high schools?

    Athletic trainers are needed in high schools to provide leadership and oversight for sports safety. I educate kids, coaches, and parents on how to prevent sports-related injury. I want all kids to be injury-free when playing sport; but, I know that sudden cardiac arrest, heat stroke, exertional sickling and head injuries are the top 4 deadly risks of sports. I am trained and prepared to respond to these emergencies, as well as, other injuries as they occur. 


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