• What to do if you are Injured

    1.  Athletes will report to the ATR and contact an ATC regarding the injury. If the injury is severe and student athlete cannot be moved the coach should contact the ATC via phone for the ATC to meet the student athlete at the injury location
      1. If ATC NOT available such as at away games or off campus practices, coaches are to follow the off campus EAP worksheet for practices or game should an emergency situation arise. EAP worksheet are provided to coaches before the start of each season to be completed and a copy provided to the ATC.
    2. ATC will evaluate injury and report findings to student athlete and Coach a) If injury is to remain confidential ATC will not report exact finding to the Coach, ATC will report to the Coach that the student athlete will be unable to participate due to injury
    3. The ATC will notify parents or legal guardian, or if unable to do so the alternative name on the emergency database. The ATC will provide current information regarding options for follow-up care, EMS or current transport.
    4.  All ATCs’ will maintain accurate records of athletes who report for care
      1.  ATCs’ will collect and record all physician notes returned to them by the student athletes, as a running tabulation of injury as well as medical record
      2.  A daily record of all new injuries as well as current treatment of ongoing injuries will be maintained by the ATC