• Athletic Training Facility and Accommodations

      We would like to take this opportunity to welcome you and your team to Wolfson High School. We look forward to making your visit a pleasant and enjoyable one.

       Athletic Training Room: The Athletic Training room is located in the Wolfson Gym area, across the hall from the girls locker room. If the team is traveling without an Athletic Trainer, our staff will be able to provide all pre-game taping and treatment. Prior notification should be given by the visiting teams' athletic trainer in advance if the team is not traveling with an athletic trainer. Taping treatment will be administered only with written note or notification from the ATC or MD.  The Athletic Training Room rules for Stanton's Athletes also applies to visiting athletes. If prior notice has been given, the athletic training room will be available one hour before and after the athletic event. 

      Rules of Pregame Taping/Treatment of Visiting Team: Our facility is equipped with at least one treatment/taping table. If the visiting team is not traveling with an Athletic Trainer, and would like to get taped, they must report to Athletic Training Room at least one hour prior to their game or competition. Wolfson's Athletic Trainer will not go to the Athletic Training Room for pre-game treatments or taping for visiting teams during warm-ups or conditioning prior to the game starting, unless visiting team shows up late to the game.

      Supplies: Water, ice, and cups/bottles will be provided on the sideline for indoor games or events. For outdoor games and events, visiting teams MUST travel with coolers and cups/bottles. Visiting teams are allowed to fill coolers with ice and/or water approximately ONE hour prior to games or events starting. Emergency supplies can be obtained from the Athletic Trainer covering the event. If visit team is unable to travel with supplies please let Wolfson's ATC know ahead of time to make arrangements. 

      Physicians: Our volunteer Team Physician or resident will be present at all HOME football games.

       Once again, we welcome you to Wolfson High School Athletic Event. If you have any further questions or if we may assist you in any way please contact us.


      Thank you,

      Matthew Niesen MS, ATC, LAT

      Head Athletic Trainer

      Wolfson High School