• Sports Medicine Student Aides 

    We offer an opportunity for our high school students to be a part of our student program. In this program, students in grades 9-12 who are interested in the sports medicine field (athletic training, physical therapy, etc) can work with and observe our head athletic trainer during our sporting events. Students who participate will receive approved volunteer hours that can be used when applying for colleges and scholarships. Student aides will perform the following duties:
    • Set up and break down first aid supplies for practices and games
    • Help set up hydration station for practices and games
    • Maintain cleanliness of athletic training facility
    • Assist athletic trainer with basic first aid during practices and games

    Students who participate will get to experience, first hand, working directly with athletes in the prevention, treatment, and care of athletic injuries. Student aides are expected to maintain professionalism and a positive work ethic throughout the program. Students who are interested must complete and submit their application to Lacey Bracken or email to brackenl@duvalschools.org. Application can be obtained by contacting Mrs. Lacey.