• Buccaneer Parents, Coaches, and Athletes:



    We would like to extend our welcome to the First Coast High School Sports Medicine Program webpage. In this section there is information on the athletic training facility policies and procedures, hours of operation, forms and documents, medical conditions, and basic home exercises to perform if injured.


    Athletic Training Facility: The athletic training facilities are located in the field house and the gym. The hours of operation are Monday-Friday from 2:30 pm- 5:00pm. After 5:00pm the certified athletic trainer can be found on campus until the end of the athletic day.


    Policies and Procedures: The rules of the athletic training room are posted and reviewed with athletes. If an athlete needs to do rehabilitation and has his/her own home program they can make arrangements with the certified athletic trainer to utilize the athletic training room. There are several policies and procedures in place to keep athletes safe while playing sports. Please refer to the FHSAA webpage (www.fhsaa.org) for more information.


    Documents and Forms: ALL required athletic paperwork to participate in secondary school sports can be found under the forms section.


    Medical Conditions: There is always some inherent risk in anything we do. We strive to keep our athletes 100% injury-free, but circumstances can create them. There are some sports-related injuries to be aware of and what is being done to prevent them as best as possible.


    Exercises/Guidelines: There is 50% chance an athlete will become injured at some point in time playing sports. Helpful ways to prevent injuries and basic exercises to perform if injured can be found here.


    Please look around to get informed.