• Partial Schedule General Information for SENIORS


    Forms MUST be submitted and all requirements met by August 1st for the first semester and December 1st for the second semester.

    Approval for a first semester partial schedule does not guarantee approval for a partial schedule for second semester.

    Eligibility requirements for a partial schedule:
    • Is on track to graduate with a minimum unweighted 2.0 GPA at the start of the senior year
    • Has achieved Senior status by August 1st of the ensuing school year
    • Has completed or will be enrolled in a Dual Enrollment course in the Fall of senior year
    • Has passed FSA & EOC Requirements or earned appropriate concordant scores
    • Has proof of transportation (this can include parking pass, driver’s license and proof of insurance)

    Student and parent(s) must agree that all rules and regulations of the Duval County School Board and Sandalwood High School (as stated in the Secondary Code of Conduct) shall be followed during the time off campus. THE STUDENT MUST LEAVE CAMPUS within 15 minutes of his/her final class. The student must leave in an authorized vehicle or must walk off campus after being granted permission by security personnel. Failure to follow these rules will result in the loss of partial schedule privileges.
    A review of eligibility requirements will take place at the end of the term (January).