• Atlantic Coast High School hours are 7:15am to 2:00pm.
    Students using DCPS bus transportation
    • Students using DCPS bus transportation are to abide by school rules when on the bus.  The bus is an extension of the school and students are to follow code of conduct guidelines.
    • Students who use DCPS bus transportation generally are on the school property at the appropriate time.  If there is an instance where the school bus transportation is late, the student will receive a bus pass and will be documented as an excused tardy for attendance documentation.
    • Students are only permitted to ride their bus. For a student to ride a different bus to a friend's house,  the student must provide a note from the parent/guardian giving their child permission to ride another bus.   This note must be approved by Student Services in the Media Center.
    Students who have other modes of transportation
    • Car riders and car drivers have their own entrance to the school property.  Information about student parking and applying for student parking can be found here http://www.duvalschools.org/domain/3561
    • All students are expected to be in class by 7:15 unless they are on an approved alternate schedule that has been approved by the administration.
    Special Arrival and Dismissal Procedures
    • Students on special schedules  At ACHS, there are some students who are on dual enrollment or have an abbreviated course load.  These students have a unique student badge and have been approved by the administration.  These students have a documented time of which to be on campus and should adhere to the time designated rather than hang around on campus.

    • Students arriving after 7:15 Please enter through the front doors of the school through the main office and then go up to the Student Services/Media Center to obtain a tardy pass back to class.

    • Students leaving prior to 2:00 Parents checking out students are to go to the front of the school building to the main office where the student will need to be signed out.

    • Car-driver students leaving campus early Occasionally students have appointments to attend and must leave campus early.  These students must have a note from the parent explaining the nature of the early dismissal.  The note must have parent/guardian phone number to confirm early leave of student.  The note is to be handed to Student Services in the Media Center.  A call will be made to the parent confirming this need prior to the release of the student from the school dayLeaving campus early without prior notification could result in a student referral.